Beach babes

The very best suggestion I ever read when my kids were little was to carry baby powder to the beach.  No matter how much you try to rub the sand off, you still carry too much home!  A little shake of baby powder is the miracle cure.  Rub it between your toes and wherever else it’s stuck (really, wherever!) and the sand comes right off plus you smell great!  I still carry it in my beach bag even when the kids aren’t with me.


All I need in life is my beach bag…

Summers spent at Breezy Point, NY were what created my love for the beach.  Staring out to sea made me think of just how big our world is and always wonder what else is out there.  Thankful my mom made those vacations possible and grateful for our family who welcomed us into their bungalow.  Hurricane Sandy took that sweet place away but nothing can take away our memories. #tbt

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

So said Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism.  I think it’s a great start to this blog and what will hopefully become a great resource for other travel-friendly families.  I sit here on the cusp of my 42nd birthday and wonder how yet another year flew by us.  We did some amazing things this year and had some wonderful times, but we were busier than ever and I feel like the time I have with children under my roof is quickly rushing by.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days I’d like to kick them right out of the nest!  We are no perfect family, that’s for sure, but as I prepare to put Kid #1 into 10th grade and Kid #2 into 7th grade, I realize life truly is racing by!  As I reflected on all of this, I decided I needed to make some changes in myself and my life.  I do not want to look back in 20 years and have any regrets.  I need to be more deliberate in my actions, follow through with my desires, and MAKE.EACH.MOMENT.COUNT.  I have enjoyed every stage of my kids’ development but as young adults they really are awe inspiring.  They amaze me with their intelligence, challenge me with their thought processes, and encourage me to be the best person I can be.  Not because I don’t want to embarrass them but because I want to INSPIRE them.  I want to encourage them to explore all avenues, consider all choices, and never stop wondering.  I have always wanted to share my love of travel with them and, to date, we’ve done a bunch.  There’s so much more to do and see though!

We announced at dinner this week that we’d like to plan one big trip before #1 goes off to college.  That’s a few years away but planning (and more importantly, saving!) takes time.  We told the kids that they could pick *almost* anywhere to go but we’d all have to agree.  I encouraged them to think about it, research their ideas, and if they were so inclined, present to the rest of the family reasons why we should pick their destination of choice.  My kids just LOVE presenting persuasive arguments!  Since I’m the one who does most of the research and planning for our trips, I like hearing the ideas they’ve come up with so far.  Once our final destination is chosen, everyone can get in on choosing the activities, where we’ll stay, and setting a budget.  We hope that this method of vacation planning helps to bring our family together as we work towards a shared goal.  In the past, the kids have had no idea what our travels have cost but I think it’s time to bring them in on this part of the planning.  Knowing if we give up ordering pizza tonight so that we’ll get an extra something special on vacation should serve a valuable lesson….even if that means eating chicken again!

I think I’ve rambled enough for this post and hope I didn’t deter you from coming back.  I have lots of travel topics in mind including traveling with kids at all stages and ages, Disney tips and tricks, a few posts about road trips, tips on surviving those sports travel weekends, and lots of destination specific posts from the US and abroad.  Plus, I’d really LOVE to hear your ideas so send them my way!  Thanks for stopping by Roots, Wings, and Memories… bon voyage!

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